Thanks Ayodeji,

great article and I can really resonate with what you said about locking in on one piece of specific advice, or strategy.

Hammer it over and over again until you get it right...

I've done the very same thing over the past few months and have got more results doing less of just 1 or 2 practices.


Thanks for sharing Brianna, Really loved the "Letting go is as effortless as an exhale". A reminder to breathe more and let go more! Thanks

Human behavior

Morning behavior No 1: Stay in bed and don't get out!

Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us”

John Dryden

We are a culmination of a whole bunch of habits and behaviors that are controlling our life. These can also be called programs that we have created from the moment of our birth, some say even while we are still in the womb, right up to our present-day life.

We are running these programs, on a subconscious level, in many cases outside the awareness of our conscious mind. These programs are controlling 95% of our results every single day of our life.

“Your subconscious mind controls 95%…

Personal growth

How my health deteriorated in my current environment

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

“Our environments shape us, choose wisely your surroundings and the people in it”

Luis Castillo

We just got married shortly after the inception of my steel construction company. It was a very exciting time in my life as I am growing, learning, expanding, creating a life and future for myself and my family. Our company was responsible for constructing 3 architectural buildings for the 2000 Olympics Games in Australia.

My partner and I were working long hours to get the foundation of our business established. We start early and finish late, usually with a meal and drinks, entertaining clients most…

Behavioral change

How to quickly disarm a potentially volatile situation with a work colleague

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Have you ever experienced a work colleague, or partner for that matter, that burst into your office, highly emotionally charged, and you could see that something was wrong, they just had a fight or they were looking to have one? They catch you on the back foot with their angry-looking demeanor, arms swinging everywhere, with possible shouting and foul language been used.

I’m sure we have all experienced this scenario, to different degrees, at some point in our professional or personal lives.

It can be very confronting having someone appear in our face, suddenly, negatively emotionally charged. What can make…

How do we respond when experiencing a challenging exchange of words?

Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

Whether it is in our professional or personal life, one of the key factors of our success is the ability to communicate in a positive and effective way that creates win/win outcomes, builds rapport, and creates lasting relationships.

We, humans, are very complex creatures and it's not always easy to navigate relationships, emotions, egos, etc when communicating with others. It can be extremely difficult in corporate life because we don’t have a real say as to whom we work with. …

Turning adversity into opportunity

Photo by Norma Mortenson from Pexels

I don’t like to be stuck at home for extended periods of time. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and like to spend time with them but the thought of spending 24/7 with them for weeks on end frightened me.

I have my office set up exactly how I want it. My environment is very important for me to be able to function during working hours at optimum levels. …

Our feelings are an attracting force

Why do many of us want to be a millionaire?

Photo by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels

Last night I found myself scrolling through my Instagram account and came across an interesting post that got my attention. This post had over 480+ comments and I was curious as to the nature of the comments. I started to scroll through and read many of them.

As I was reading through these comments it became very clear to me what many of these people wanted in their lives, that was obviously lacking, and they thought this was the solution to their problem or was it?

This post was in the format of a simple question, that went like this:

3 simple steps that everyone can follow.

How to live a fulfilled life.

Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash

What is a good life, what is a fulfilled life? If we were to ask this same question to 100 people, more than likely, we would get 100 different answers and they all would be right.

Here is what the Dalai Lama says about the purpose of life, which we can say would be in alignment with a good life, a fulfilled life.

“I believe the purpose of life is to be happy. From the moment of birth, every human being wants happiness not suffering. Neither social conditioning nor education nor ideology affect this. From the very core of our…

A proven system that will keep you on track

Our daily routines are deciding our results, every moment of the day.

Man sleeping on his back in his bed
Photo by Tania Mousinho on Unsplash

We are Defined By Our Daily Rituals — Our daily routines are deciding our results every moment of the day!

Tony Robbins says, “We are defined by our daily rituals”.

What we do on a consistent basis, day in, day out, is creating who we become and the results we are achieving.

The first 1,2 or 3 things we attend to in the morning, as soon as we awake, are going to set up the tone, the foundation, for the rest of the day. Are we building a solid foundation in the morning to ensure a fruitful and productive day?

Upon awakening is your first action to pick up the phone and start viewing FB, Instagram, check your emails, with…

Paul Simos

Executive Master Coach

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